2018 was Canada's Best Year Ever for International Arrivals

Feb 21, 2019

In 2018, international overnight arrivals to Canada reached a new height of 21.13 million visitors, surpassing the record level previously achieved in 2017 by 1.2% and breaking the 21 million mark for the first time ever.

While total arrivals from Destination Canada’s long-haul markets in 2018 remained on par with 2017, several key markets reached new milestones. China, France, and Mexico surpassed the 700K, 600K, and 400K marks, respectively, for annual visitors to Canada for the first time in 2018. Meanwhile, India climbed to e the 7th largest inbound market.

This is fantastic news for our country as a whole. "Team Canada" includes all of you, along with NWT Tourism who is a committed partner with Destination Canada and to the NorthStar 22 Project. Everyone in the tourism industry in the Northwest Territories has been working very hard, pursuring growth for Canada's tourism industry in national and international markets. The work you all do has contributed to this success.