NWT Tourism Co-Op Opportunities

Sep 11, 2020

2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to the tourism industry. Border closures, new safety requirements and the persistence of the global COVID-19 pandemic have had a devastating impact on the tourism industry, both globally and here in the NWT. We have all been impressed with the resilience of our industry and the various strategies taken by members to survive in these extraordinary times. While ‘Staycation’ marketing to NWT residents has been a helpful option for some members, we know that industry recovery lies in our ability to market beyond the territorial border. Some individual members and some member organizations have reached out to us, looking for marketing options to assist with connecting to their customers, supporting their efforts towards building resiliency and eventual recovery. The opportunities outlined in 2020/2021 Co-op program come as a result of feedback from members and our commitment to always give NWT Tourism partners the best quality advertising possible.To see the list of opportunities for the 2020-21 fiscal year and to read the full newsletter, please click here