Northwest Territories Tourism Resolutions
Northwest Territories Tourism members address their concerns by adopting resolutions during the Annual General Meeting.  Once presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting and adopted as a resolution, resolutions become the official position of Northwest Territories Tourism.  Adopted resolutions are sent to the Government of the Northwest Territories or to other applicable Government/Agencies for consideration and response.  The resolutions are discussed as agenda items during meetings of the Board of Directors to ensure these items remain priority and progress on these issues is advanced among other items. 
Work is currently underway on the following advocacy items:
Transport Canada restrictions on flight and duty times of pilots. 
Difficulty of getting a Liquor License for small tourism operators who are not operating at remote lodges 
Accommodation Levy and short term accommodations
Permanent Visitor Services in Yellowknife 
One Day Fishing License
Non-licensed tourism operators offering Aurora tours in and around Yellowknife 
NWT Tourism provides updates on all resolutions at the AGM in November each year.