The NWT Tourism Marketing Plan - Inspiring Today, Transforming Tomorrow

NWT Tourism Marketing PlanĀ 2020/21
The NWT Tourism Marketing Plan is developed annually by the NWT Tourism Marketing Director. The process involved in developing the marketing plan is robust, and involves input from industry and stakeholders. The process for plan development is as follows:

  • NWT Tourism gathers essential tourism data and develops the base plan, incorporating stakeholder engagement that has occurred prior to first draft;
  • NWT Tourism presents a draft to the NWTT Board of Directors and makes any revisions to the plan that the Board requires;
  • NWT Tourism presents the plan to members for input;
  • The plan is presented to TMAC (Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee), a government appointed committee that reports directly to the Minister of ITI;
  • TMAC makes suggestions for changes in the plan and NWT Tourism revises the plan;
  • The plan is finalized to the satisfaction of both the Board of Directors and TMAC;
  • NWT Tourism and TMAC present the plan to the Minister of ITI;
  • The Minister of ITI presents the Marketing Plan in the Legislative Assembly for final approval of the budget contained within the plan.

NWT Tourism Marketing Plan for 2020/21