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Hello Members,

The BDIC (Prosper NWT) has introduced the Accelerate Digital Adoption Projects for Tomorrow (ADAPT) Fund to provide funding to help NWT businesses with their digital adoption projects. 

A maximum of $2,600 is available to eligible NWT businesses each year, until the ADAPT Fund budget has been exhausted. Funding will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. This funding can supplement the funding provided by the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and supplementary or top-up funding is also available.

With CDAP, ADAPT and the supplementary or top-up funding, eligible businesses could receive a total of up to $12,700 in Yellowknife/Ndilǫ, Fort Smith, Hay River and Inuvik, and up to $15,100 in all other NT communities.

Funding may be provided for the following eligible expenses:

  • Developing a new e-commerce website and/or adding functionality to an existing site
  • Installing an e-commerce platform including subscription fees and costs
  • Digital marketing for an e-commerce store
  • Tracking and managing inventory and sales systems
  • Up to 50% or $2,600 (whichever is less) of related hardware/software costs
  • Professional fees or other costs to assist applicants with items listed above

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply, click here

More information is also also available in the ADAPT Fund Policy. 

All the best,

Donna Lee Demarcke
Chief Executive Officer
NWT Tourism